Source:Internet, Image highlights what hatespeech is

Unlearning Hate

The thing about hatespeech in the context of Cameroon is that,everyone is guilty as charged of practicing it,but no one gets to admit,especially in recent times when Government has come out to hit against the phenomenon. The constant denial and justifications made by individuals when they're being pointed fingers for certain pronouncements considered hate language, can be a positive factor in that it pushes them to be more conscious about what they say subsequently. And if you can't be proud of your words,then you are definitely aware of how disastrous certain utterances are.But on the negative side,denial may mean the unwillingness of perpetrators of hatespeech to change.If everyone keeps justifying their words, who then should be punished for theirs.Good enough,words when spoken,cannot be retrieved hence before the competent authorities, when replayed as it has been repeatedly made known by Cameroon's Minister of Territorial Administration-Paul Atanga Nji,people found guilty of inappropriate language would be levied sanctions ranging from levies and prison terms,as per the country's law on hatespeech and discrimination. Laws,when appropriately implemented, have a significant contribution in combating hatespeech, but more so is education and sensitization, many Cameroonians have opined.According to a member of the Country's Upper House of Parliament from the North-West region, Senator Regina Mundi hate is learnt from the home at very tender ages.To her parents and guardians ought to be mindful of what pronouncements they make around children, as it sticks with them forever and shape their attitudes and behaviors around certain groups of people. Ever since a public figure in the country made certain declarations at a peace building event in the Southwest Region, affected by the sociopolitical crisis,movements and campaigns against hatespeech have multiplied and the media has been identified as a major actor in burying such uncouth words that create division in the country Governed as a Descentralized Unitary state with ten distinct but united regions. By Mercy Kusi