IDPs identification Documents at the Centre for Emergency Humanitarian assistance.

IDPs and Victims Of Anglophone Crisis in Dire need of Humanitarian Aid.

Another disturbing twist in the sociopolitical crisis plaguing the Northwest and South-West Regions of Cameroon, has been the hardship on the population with many requesting aid from Government. The state had instituted the Emergency Humanitarian assistance Plan in 2018,to provide support in the form of basic food items,and beddings to internally Displaced persons,but in 2023,the frequency of the donations dropped. 

    In the Northwest, the plan is coordinated by a civil Administrator by name Nchofon Mingoh.He says since 2018,Government's assistance has been distributed to over two hundred thousansand IDPs in the Northwest, but regrets the fact that in 2023,eight thousand more desperate people came knocking at the door of the Emergency Humanitarian Assistance centre for help."Most of those who come here are quite desperate. We have the ageing mainly people above fifty,we have pregnant women,breastfeeding mothers and persons living with disabilities who come here in need of assistance. Although we are not distributing any item now,we go ahead and register them,so that they are reassured," said Mr Mingoh,while pointing to piles of identification documents brought in by the IDPs.

 One of the victims who had come to enrol for aid at the centre is Florence Shisu,a widow and mother of six.She explained that her living conditions were deplorable and she can't afford her basic needs."I have come here because I need help.We live in a dilapidated house,I can't afford my children's fees and we lack food," Florence lamented.

By Mercy Kusi